Celebrating Thomas Noel, 50 Years of Dr. Colorado

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Dr. Thomas Noel
History Professor 1970-2020

For the past 50 years I taught Colorado history at CU Denver. During that time, I have had five different offices as the campus grew. My favorite office was in the old Denver Tramway Building (now Hotel Teatro) where I had a sixth-floor corner office with operable windows, a brass mail chute, and a wall safe for all the money I was making as a part-timer. CU Denver and Channel 9, for whom I did a gig for 11 years, gave me the name “Dr. Colorado” because that is what I taught. With much help from my students and various co-authors, I have published 56 books on Colorado and have given several hundred public talks and tours. I also did a Sunday history column for years for the Rocky Mountain News and then The Denver Post. In 2022, the University of Colorado Regents honored me with the University Medal. Teaching at CU Denver has been an honor and a pleasure. I loved teaching CU Denver students; many any of them were married, with kids and full- or part-time work, but they put a tremendous amount of time, energy, and expertise into their work. 

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