Frank Dávila, PhD, Community Leader, and Proud CU Denver Alumni

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Frank Dávila

There are multiple proud moments for me as a CU Denver alumni. I am reminded of my days as an aspiring PhD student and the invigorating and uplifting experiences that propelled me to think of how I could conquer new leadership opportunities. I was an elementary school principal, and, as a doctoral student at CU Denver, I was motivated to search for ways to dig deeper into my dissertation topic. As a member of the Harvard Principals’ Center, I was able to interview a renowned author on my dissertation topic: mentoring. The power of the CU Denver cohort group and the support and encouragement from my professors provided the impetus for me to seek ongoing leadership venues and new and exciting trends.

And perhaps a more momentous occasion was collaborating with the CU Denver’s School of Education & Human Development in designing a process to recruit and fund the next generation of Latino public school leaders. The inauguration of the Latino doctoral cohort at the university was facilitated by Dr. Rebecca Kantor and her team. The EdD graduates are now active public school leaders and are contributing mightily to the academic and linguistic growth of students and teachers and they are helping to usher in a new set of doctoral candidates. 

Giving back to the university in ways that promote student growth and create new opportunities for them is a source of pride and contributes to sustainable growth for our Alma Mater. I am deeply grateful for this contribution as we collectively celebrate CU Denver’s 50th Anniversary.

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