Souha Tifour Thinks Back On Her Time At CU Denver

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Souha Tifour

When I migrated from Algeria to the U.S., I was very eager to know what a “university” was. I realized quickly that it is a place to learn about different nationalities, races, and religions under one banner: the banner of knowledge. I’d made many assumptions about university, but what I did not know was that it would be a place where I got a chance to know myself, my passion, and my abilities. 

As an immigrant, it was challenging for me to navigate the process of choosing a college major. However, the support and guidance provided by CU Denver’s resources, faculty, and advisors were instrumental in helping me discover my passion for statistics as a major. 

Additionally, as a woman in a male-dominated field like statistics, I have often encountered doubts about my abilities. CU Denver fostered an encouraging environment where I felt supported and empowered to believe in my abilities as a woman. 

Overall, CU Denver has felt like a true home to me, as I have always felt welcomed and valued as a member of the community. The diverse experiences and support I received have been invaluable in helping me to discover and pursue my passions. –Souha Tifour

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